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Matcha Magic - (Pack of 12)

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The Magical One. Selecting the best grade of matcha powder from the hills of Uji in Japan, we made this bar to be truly special. Combining the unique delightful bitterness of matcha along with the sweet, crispy, milky high protein chocolate results in an explosion of flavor and goodness we guarantee you cannot find elsewhere. Just try it and let us know.

Active Ingredients:

<ol><li> High Protein </li>
<li>High Fiber </li>
<li>Pre + Probiotics </li>
<li>No Added Sugar / No Artificial Sweeteners </li>

Potential Benefits:

<ol><li>Get closer to your required daily protein and fiber intake </li>
<li> Better muscle and bone recovery </li>
<li>Better protein absorption </li>
<li>Improved gut health and digestion </li>
<li>High in antioxidants </li>

Customer Reviews

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Tatiana El Hamdaoui
Great protein bar!

I loved the Matcha Magic bar, it is filling and very tasty. I recommend it to all matcha lovers.