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Collagen Chocolate - (Pack of 12)

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They say that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. We like to expand on that notion and improve your skin, hair, and joints too! Our Collagen Chocolate includes Turmeric, Grapeseed Extract, and high quality Marine Collagen as the main building blocks to perpetuate and prolong beauty. Supporting skin firmness, wrinkle reduction and hair resistance, this bar includes calculated doses of anti-aging and anti-oxidative containing ingredients to rejuvenate

Active Ingredients:

<ol><li>High efficacy Marine Collagen </li>
<li>Grapeseed extract </li>
<li>Turmeric extract </li>
<li>No Added Sugar</li>

Potential Benefits:

<ol><li> Improves collagen levels
& bone strength </li>
<li>Boosts skin health </li>
<li> Helps joint health </li>
<li>Reduces oxidative damage </li>

How To Use:

Enjoy 1 bar for your dose of 5 grams of high quality marine collagen, along with turmeric and grapeseed extracts for beauty and joints support

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My skin has improved so much

I’d call it a delicious beauty hack! So happy to have found this brand! I get my daily dose of 5g of marine collagen and my skin has been improving since!

Nitin Sharma
Great taste

Simply in love!!!