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Mood Chocolate - (Pack of 12)

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Superfood for a better mood. Our Mood Chocolate contains Ginseng and Maca extracts which could support mood boosting, stress reductions, and brain function development, among so many other benefits to sustain a good mood. It also potentially helps lower blood sugar - yet another reason to keep you smiling! 

Active Ingredients:

<ol><li>Ginseng extract</li>
<li>Maca extract</li>
<li>No Added Sugar</li>

Potential Benefits:

<ol><li>Boosts mood & decreases
stress </li>
<li>Improves brain function </li>
<li>Helps lower blood sugar
levels </li>

How To Use:

Enjoy 1 bar for your dose of mood supporting cocoa flavanols, ginseng and maca extracts